Puni Maru Jumbo Colossal Squishy, Super Slow Rising, Scented Big Croissant

Puni Maru

$ 27.97 
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Color:  Strawberry (Limited Edition)

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  • Jumbo Colossal Squishy and Super Slow Rising Scented Big Croissant
  • Super Squishy Super Colossal and Super SLOW RISE! Oh so KAWAII and a GIGANTIC 8 INCHES! CRAZY BIG!!
  • Comes in Adorable Puni Maru JUMBO Bakery Packaging. Licensed by Puni Maru!
  • Unique scented (butter, coffee, or limited edition strawberry). Super high quality sought after squishy in original packaging!
  • Perfect for wrist rest, gifts, and collecting!